Come At Me Bro is the tier 6 skill in Salvador's Brawn skill tree.

Upon pressing the Action Skill button while Gunzerking, Salvador will taunt all nearby enemies by flipping them off with both hands, making them more likely to target him. Additionally he gains full health and a massive damage reduction buff for a few seconds.

Special Skill Text

"Nigh Invulnerability is a hell of a drug."


  • There is no third-person animation for this skill.
  • The damage reduction adds +250% further damage reduction to the +50% default of Gunzerking. This yields a 3/4 (75%) diminution of net damage. Five levels of I'm the Juggernaut will make this +320% damage reduction, or 76% net diminution.
  • The damage reduction effect lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Only one taunt can be issued per Gunzerking duration.

Salvador skills
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