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Combat Engineers are the most common infantry unit deployed by Hyperion in Borderlands 2.



Combat engineers are equipped with submachine guns and use these at short to medium range. Should an engineer be approached by an attacker, the engineer will attempt to retreat and fight from a safe distance. They are comparatively weaker than most Hyperion personnel, but are effective in small groups, and they are usually deployed alongside more dangerous enemies as support troops.


  • "On the clock, boys!"
  • "Vault Hunter! It's the Vault Hunter!"
  • "I wasn't trained for this crap!"
  • "Nothing personal, bandit!"
  • "That's enough out of you!"
  • "COME ON, now I gotta deal with bandits?!"
  • "Dammit, it was almost quittin' time!"
  • "Let me get back to work!"
  • "I'll stop you!"
  • "Freaking bandits!"
  • "This is OUR planet now!"
  • "There's a promotion in this!"
  • "If I kill you I'll get promoted off this hellhole!"
  • "Looks like I've got a promotion comin'!"
When attacked
  • "Enough!"
Low health
  • "Whyyyyy?!"
Afflicted by Status Effect
  • "Stop it, STOOOP IIIT!"
Shields depleted
  • "No shields!"
  • "Shields down!"
  • "My shield!"
Ally killed
  • "He was two days away from retirement!"
  • "He has kids!"
  • "He was my pal!"
  • "He's dead!"
  • "He always stole my lunch anyways!"
  • "My buddy!!"
  • "Murderer!"
  • "Heh thanks, he owed me money!"
  • "I almost finished my comic collection..."
  • "Nearly paid off the house..."
  • "I didn't sign up for this, dammit..."
  • "Son of a bastard..."
  • "Dammit..."
  • "Agghhh..."
  • "Tell my wife... she's a bitch..."
  • "Agh... crap..."
  • "Noooo."..
  • "Bandit scum."
  • "...Figures..."
  • *Strangled gurgling noise*


  • Combat Engineers have different names for each difficulty level
    • Normal Mode: Combat Engineer
    • TVHM: Battle Architect
    • UVHM: Advanced Combat Engineer