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Colonel Tungsteena Zarpedon was the leader of the Lost Legion and the primary antagonist of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Long before the beginning of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Colonel Zarpedon was a commander in the Dahl military, and the captain of the Drakensburg spaceship. Before the Crackening on Elpis, she relinquished control of the Drakensburg to her next-in-command, and joined the staff of the dig site in Vorago Solitude where the team discovered a deep shaft of supposed Eridian origin. The following day, the Crackening occured, resulting in the loss of Elpis's atmosphere and Dahl abandoning Elpis. Zarpedon and her team were left behind, and the Lost Legion was born.

Over the following weeks, everyone in Zarpedon's team began getting purple rashes over their bodies and expressing unusual calmness. Zarpedon decides to lead a team into the shaft to discover the source of the strange vapors in the air. During their exploration, they discover The Watcher, who leads them into the Vault of Elpis, where the knowledge contained within convinces Zarpedon that all that matters is ensuring no humans can get their hands on it.

Four years later, after the opening of the Vault of The Destroyer, Jack sends a survey team to Elpis in search of a Vault. Zarpedon is convinced that where 'a few come sniffing, more will follow' and that the only way to keep the knowledge of the Vault a secret is to destroy the Vault and Elpis with it. After she killed the survey team, she launched an assault on Helios space station to take over the powerful laser contained within.


Colonel Zarpedon commands the Lost Legion, a military unit formerly part of the Dahl Corporation that went rogue after they were abandoned. During the hostile takeover of the Helios Space Station, she orders the death of any Hyperion personnel her troops find, putting her in direct conflict with Jack and his Vault Hunters as they attempt to escape. She is first seen in person using her powersuit to destroy the escape ships, forcing Jack and company to find an alternate method.

After the Vault Hunters escape to Elpis, Zarpedon gains control of the Eye of Helios laser and begins repeatedly blasting the moon, an action continued throughout many of the events of the game. During the Vault Hunters' retaking of Helios, she is encountered once again in a last-ditch attempt to stop her enemies from recovering the Eye, where she battles but fails to kill Jack and his Vault Hunters. When she attempts to warn Jack that his actions will doom himself and the universe, Jack interrupts her when he learns that the Vault has already opened, and kills her before she can finish warning him.



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  • "Hello, Jack."
  • "If we can get out by first light, it won't be a moment too soon."
  • "They said your jump pads were stupid."
  • "While you will not have my mercy, you do have my respect."


  • Zarpedon is a non-respawning boss. Prior to the update that added her drops to The Empyrean Sentinel, her unique drops could only be farmed once in any given playthrough.
  • Zarpedon has an increased chance to drop the legendary Prismatic Bulwark shield.


  • Zarpedon's fighting style when on foot is extremely similar to that of the Guardians and the Sentinel. Given that she uses one of their staves as a weapon, it can be inferred that the Guardians instructed her in Eridian combat techniques.

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