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Cold as the Grave is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Patricia Tannis.


"Wainwright knows where the final Vault Key fragment is, which makes your job a lot simpler: shoot your way to the fragment, shoot your way into the Vault, then shoot your way out. It's best not to get bogged down in the details."



  • Talk to Wainwright
  • Meet Clay
  • Follow Clay
  • Enter estate
  • Find barrel delivery pipe
  • Secure area
  • Activate delivery pipe
  • Secure area
  • Activate delivery pipe
  • Destroy barrel
  • Grab Vault Key fragment
  • Enter conveyor system
  • Meet Wainwright
  • Defeat Aurelia
  • Check on Hammerlock
  • Head to estate grounds
  • Reveal ruins (3)
  • Activate bridge
  • Enter ruins
  • Meet Tannis
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis
  • Wait for Key's creation
  • Take Vault Key
  • Place Vault Key
  • Defeat Grave
  • Defeat Ward
  • Defeat Graveward
  • Wait for Tannis
  • Observe Tannis
  • Loot Vault
  • Talk to Tannis
  • Return to Sanctuary 3
  • Talk to Lilith



Turn In: Lilith


  • Mission items:
    • Vault Key Fragment
    • Vault Key
    • Eridian synchronizer

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