Cold as Ice is Aurelia's action skill. When this skill is activated, Aurelia throws out her Frost Diadem Shard, which is able to automatically seek out enemies and attach to them. When attached to an enemy, the Shard deals constant Cryo damage to that enemy, as well as enemies nearby. The active duration of the Shard is 21 seconds.


The Frost Diadem Shard has several characteristics that make it a deadly weapon. When released, it can home in on enemies as long as they are within the field of view (even if they are behind obstacles and cannot be seen), but it can also be aimed directly at a specific enemy. Once the Shard has attached to an enemy, it will float above that enemy, dealing constant Cryo damage. At the same time, the Shard creates a small cyclone made of smaller ice shards that circle around its target. Any enemy caught within the area of effect also takes constant Cryo damage, although not as severely as the primary target. The Cryo effect can also freeze enemies solid, making them unable to move or attack and suffer amplified damage.

For the duration that it is active, the Shard will seek out new enemies once its current target dies. Aurelia can change the primary target of the Shard by placing an enemy under the crosshairs and activating the skill again.

The sooner the Shard returns to Aurelia, the shorter the followup cooldown will be. If there are no enemies in front of Aurelia when the skill is activated, the Shard simply returns to her and the skill can be used again right away.

Due to the area of effect caused by the Shard, this skill can be used to great effect when combined with singularity grenades.

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