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Cold Case: Restless Memories is an optional mission in Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3.


"Burton wants you to investigate the room you saw in the painting from the crypt--the Art Gallery in the Archives. He's sure there's more to unravel here. The clues seem to point toward that room, and into the mysterious black fog that obscured the image on the painting. Also: Hunches."



  • Enter gunsmith shop
  • Place box on the table
  • Take Seventh Sense
  • Look at corner through Seventh Sense
  • Go to Dustbound Archives
  • Meet Burton
  • Kill the Bonded
  • Get through the door
  • Find the Art Gallery
  • Defend the girl
  • Approach the girl
  • Use Seventh Sense
  • Clear the fog
  • Get portal device
  • Give device to Burton
  • Give Seventh Sense to Burton


Burton meets the Vault Hunter at the local gunshop, where he asks the gunsmith to reveal the contents of the box. The box is revealed to contain Burton's personal firearm: the Seventh Sense, a Jakobs pistol modified by Eridian technology that allows him to see ghostly figures (much to Burton's shock when he first tests it). After entrusting his pistol to the Vault Hunter, he remarks that the events of the catacombs made him remember some details of the past, and he makes his way to the Dustbound Archives to chase his hunches. 

After lockpicking a door to gain access to a locked section of the archives, he and the Vault Hunter fight off several Bonded, which are revealed to be working on a curious portal device. Burton ends up splitting up at this point to cover more ground. While going deeper into the archives and into its art gallery, the voice of a young girl is heard calling for help, which Burton feels oddly familiar to. The Vault Hunter makes their way through a ghostly maze and ends up finding a second portal device, with a girl being attacked by ghostly Bonded in front of it. Once the area is secure, the young girl reveals her name as Iris, who promptly thanks the Vault Hunter and disappears, as she was no longer being attacked by apparitions. 

Burton appears soon after and, after the Vault Hunter clears a dark fog over a certain picture in the art gallery, reveals that the picture and events finally remind him who he was looking for: Iris, his daughter, who lived alongside him at a house in The Cankerwood. The house was supposed to be away from danger, but somehow still caused the loss of his daughter. Though visibly distraught from gaining the knowledge of his daughter, Burton requests for the Vault Hunter to collect the portal device and meet him at his old homestead.


  • Mission items:
    • Portal Device - Opens doors. No, not those ones.


  • The gunsmith, Hartford, shares his name with the hometown of firearms manufacturer Colt, the city of Hartford, Connecticut.

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