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Cold Case: Forgotten Answers is an optional mission in Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3.


"With memories of his daughter Iris, starting to return to his fractured mind, Burton has asked you to meet him at his old cabin. He's got a--you guessed it--another hunch. Naturally, it's time to meddle with forces you barely comprehend, and try to free Iris from her tortured posthumous existence."



  • Take portal device
  • Activate device behind the cabin
  • Shoot device
  • Enter the void
  • Save Iris from the nightmares
    • Kill the wolven
    • Kill the Bonded
    • Stop the sacrifice
    • Kill Bonded
    • Talk to Iris
  • Check on Iris
  • Escape the memory void
  • Survive
  • Save Iris
  • Talk to Iris
  • Find Burton at The Lodge
  • Talk to Burton


Back at his homestead in the Cankerwood, Burton and the Vault Hunter activate the portal device, which opens its portal and causes Iris to reappear. Burton, guilt-stricken by the sight of his ghostly daughter, apologizes profusely to Iris for not being able to protect her, with Iris comforting him and letting him know she misses him. Burton begs for Iris to step away from the portal, but Iris refuses, saying that she is unable to before disappearing into the open portal. Refusing to let his daughter go, Burton convinces the Vault Hunter to step into the portal with him, which reveals the events leading to Iris' death for the first time.

Through ghostly apparitions of past events, it is revealed that the homestead was not as safe as Burton wanted, with Iris initially being attacked by Wolven before her father fended them off. She was eventually kidnapped by Bonded while playing in the woods, with past Burton unable to stop the events as a Grawn overpowered him. At this point, present Burton is unable to handle remembering such painful memories, and disappears to the real world. The final memory reveals that past Burton chased down Vincent, co-leader of the Bonded and the husband of Eleanor, and successfully incapacitated him as revenge for his daughter; however, it turned out that Vincent was possessing the body of Iris, with past Burton unintentionally causing the death of his own daughter.

After these memories, Iris is shown being attacked again. Despite the Vault Hunter's efforts, they are unable to save Iris in the portal world, causing the ghostly apparitions to briefly spill out into the real world. Once the Vault Hunter clears these enemies from the real world, Iris reappears, finally free of the enemy's actions on her. With her safety guaranteed, Iris requests to see her father, who will be found drinking his sorrows off at The Lodge.

Back at the Lodge, Burton apologizes to the Vault Hunter for leaving early, explaining that he was unable to handle such painful memories once more. Drained and depressed, he then requests to know if Iris is safe at the very least, causing his daughter to reappear behind him. An emotional scene then plays out, with Burton and Iris reconciling and Burton finally getting the chance to say he's sorry to his daughter. Both of them say a final goodbye by voicing their familial love to one another, and Iris disappears while Burton attempts to hug her ghostly body, leaving him on his knees on the floor.

After composing himself, Burton gets up and thanks the Vault Hunter for all they've done, rewarding them with the legendary version of the Seventh Sense. He then requests to be left alone, and can be found emotionally broken in the Lodge, sitting with a bottle of alcohol for the remainder of the game.


  • Mission items:
    • Portal Device - Opens doors. No, not those ones.


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