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Cold Case: Buried Questions is an optional mission in Guns, Love, and Tentacles, downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"After recovering an ECHO of himself talking to himself, all Burton knows is that he has to find out "what happened to the girl". So he asks you to accompany him to the cemetery to cross-reference his notes and obituaries against the local dead folks. Something's afoot, Burton can feel it. Way deep down in his hunches."



  • Find Burton's journal
  • Find ECHO case
  • Give ECHO to Burton
  • Give journal to Burton
  • Meet Burton at cemetery
  • Check tombstones (3)
  • Go to crypt
  • Enter crypy
  • Search for clues
  • Examine piece of painting
  • Take painting from Burton
  • Place painting
  • Investigate secret crypt
  • Search for clues
  • Give box to Burton
  • Survive ambush
  • Take box


Burton initially has the Vault Hunters search his house for hidden logs from his past self, which guide him to begin hunting down his forgotten goal. Burton's logs lead him back to the town graveyard, with a notebook of obituaries suggesting he was looking for a particular deceased person. The search seems to trigger something within him, causing him to unlock a nearby crypt that he refuses to enter. 

The Vault Hunter enters in his stead, finding a ripped picture and an ECHO log that details past Burton's attempts of keeping a loved one buried within. The ECHO also mentions that past Burton kept the missing piece of the ripped picture in his jacket for safekeeping, which present Burton soon finds and presents to the player. Using the picture to further venture into the catacombs, the Vault Hunter eventually finds a box, with a crest which Burton identifies as that of the local gunshop. He then gives the box to the player for the time being, to prevent it being lost in case Burton got harmed in the future.


  • Mission items:
    • ECHO Log
    • Journal
    • ECHO Log
    • Mysterious box - It has a sigil on it.


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