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Code Breaker: Analysis is a story mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Athena.


"Athena's plan is to blow up the giant armory that Atlas is amassing in the Deep Fathoms. She believes that its destruction could alter Atlas's plans for Pandora and convince them to leave the planet alone. Your mission is to acquire the secret access code to the armory."



Code Breaker Analysis

Video walkthrough


Search the Atlas facility for information on the most recent code.
  • Find info


The "info" is found in an ECHO Recorder on top of a pile of sand bags beneath The Ridgeway. It is on the same path players is forced to take when the road is obstructed. On the left side of the highway, almost directly across from the last building on the right, is a ramp which leads over the edge and down to the area where the info can be found.


"You've got a lead on the code. Looks like it's time to find the World's Largest Bullet."


The ECHO Recorder contains a conversation between two Crimson Lance soldiers:
  • Soldier 1: "Ice cream day, oh snap, it's ice cream day! Rocky Road, a-la-mode? Oh, I'm in the mode for ice cream day!"
  • Soldier 2: "Oh dear God, what was that?"
  • Soldier 1: "You were recording that? Dude, dude, that is so mean. You are so mean, Derrick. I'm not sharing my ice cream with you. It's Rocky Road, too."
  • Soldier 2: "Oh, I heard. I just need the access code for today."
  • Soldier 1: "No, no, no, no, Derrick, it was your day to have the access code. I'm on personal ice cream leave of absence; code 3 dot 5 dot 31 in the manual clearly states--"
  • Soldier 2: "Then where is the code?"
  • Soldier 1: "You had it. I saw you."
  • Soldier 2: "Oh, no... that is bad. Oh, I screwed up big time."
  • Soldier 1: "What did you do, Derrick?"
  • Soldier 2: "I might have played hookie to go check out the World's Largest Bullet. I think I left it there."
  • Soldier 1: "You left the access code, something that jeopardizes all of our lives - that's ALL of them - at the World's Largest Bullet?"
  • Soldier 2: "Yes. Correct."
  • Soldier 1: "Eh, I got ice cream."