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Cobra is a legendary sniper rifle manufactured by Torgue.

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Special Weapon Effects

I LIKE IT! – Explosive x3 or x4 without damage reduction, 100% chance of an explosion, decreased rate of fire.

Usage & Description

The Cobra would be an average sniper rifle in every way were it not for the mandatory elemental accessory. Explosions produced by the Cobra are especially large, and thus have a large splash damage radius. It's possible to use the cobra in two different ways:

  • Like a normal sniper rifle, aiming to destroy the critical hit spots of targets, and let the explosive aspect of the gun sit secondary to accuracy. A critical hit with a Cobra is often fatal not because of the raw damage done by the bullet, but the ensuing explosion being in such close proximity to the target itself.
  • Getting excessive amounts of explosive ordinance down range, from a safe enough distance that enemies cannot effectively mount a counterattack, aiming at tightly packed groups of enemies' center mass as opposed to aiming for a single target's critical hit zone.


  • In a player-to-player duel, a shot to the area around the other duellist's feet is often enough to kill.
  • The only legitimate prefixes are Detonating and Erupting.



The Cobra effect comes from the acc2_Explosive_Torgue_Cobra accessory. Compared to the standard acc2_Explosive, it gives much more tech, and reduced Fire Rate instead of reduced Damage. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc2_Explosive_Torgue_Cobra acc2_Explosive

Fire Rate: -50%
Tech Level: +12
Damage: -40%

Tech Level: +6