Coach Gun is the title of a group of common shotguns and are manufactured exclusively by Jakobs with their signature barrel. The Coach Gun is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Coach Guns are double-barreled shotguns that have high damage and pellet count at the cost of using two rounds of ammunition per shot, coupled with a low magazine size. The typical magazine size is two, making most Coach Guns single-fire weapons; although there is an exception of three-rounded magazines, with two rounds consuming the first shot.

Among other uses, Coach Guns are an excellent choice for Anarchy-based Mechromancers: the frequent empty-magazine reloading provides quick gains in Anarchy stacks, the Smaller, Lighter, Faster skill dramatically increases the shots-per-second of the weapon, and the accuracy penalty from accumulated Anarchy stacks will have less noticeable effect on the already-inaccurate Coach Gun.


  • Though there is some variety in magazine size, only one variant of the Coach Gun has a magazine size under two. The common-rarity Handy Coach Gun has a magazine size of one and outputs the full 13 pellets. However, it will still use the full two rounds of ammunition on firing, pulling the second round from ammo reserve.
    • This variety of Coach Gun will be incompatible with Gaige with her Smaller, Lighter, Faster skill as it would reduce the effective magazine size to zero.
    • This variety is used for Salvador with always active Money Shot.


  • Orphan Maker - Unique cursed shotgun that deals a massive damage bonus at the cost of every shot fired dealing a small amount of damage to the user.
  • Tidal Wave - unique shotgun that fires an array of horizontal pellets that move forward in a wave pattern.


Concept Jakobs
  • Originally, the "Coach Gun" title was intended for the Iron, as seen in the image to the right.
  • This gun can have the prefix "Doc's," which is a reference to Doc Holliday [1].


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