Cluck-Trap, is an optional Claptrap boss encountered in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Cluck-Trap was once a normal, unassuming claptrap with conflicted programming. He felt like a rakk stuck in a robot's body. He spent his life dreaming of soaring with the rakk and sleeping with the rakk hive. One day, he met a strange scientist named Dr. Sanders, who said he could transform him into a rakk-trap for a fee. The confused claptrap jumped at the chance to soar with the rakk. However, the operation went terribly wrong. He was transformed into some kind of chicken-trap instead of a flying fearless rakk.

The only good that came form the operation was his new job as mascot for the Sanders Pandora Fried Rakk restaurants. It wasn't long before "Cluck-Trap" was making appearances all over town. However, Cluck-Trap soon realized that he was seen as a clown and not the fierce rakk he had always dreamed about. He became bitter and started lashing out at everyone. He began to hit the sauce (he really enjoyed the medium-spicy wing sauce). He became so unpredictable that nobody wanted him around. Eventually all his Sanders gigs dried up and became a recluse. He still thinks he is a rakk and has been reportedly hanging around Sanders Gorge attacking anyone that gets near.

Perhaps he is trying to convince them that he is a rakk. Perhaps he is still on the sauce.



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  • "Bock bock bock, bock bock bock Bockaw! - cutscene intro
  • "BuckBuckBuckBuckBuck..."
  • "Buckbuckbuckbuckbuck BUCKAWWWWW!!!!"




The Rakk-Trap cultural icon

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