Cloud of Lead is a tier 1 passive skill in Moze's Bottomless Mags skill tree. This skill allows Moze's and Iron Bear's gun shots to occasionally deal additional incendiary damage and not consume ammo.


  • Effects are triggered every (9 - Skill Rank) shots
  • Bonus Incendiary Damage: +2.25% per rank

Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Bonus Incendiary Damage +2.25% +4.5% +6.75% +9% +11.25%


  • This skill has a minimum of 4 shots to proc. Mods that boost the skill above 5 points will not reduce the shots needed for a free bullet.
  • This skill tracks shots only by actual firing. A gun that uses 2 ammo per shot will still need to fire the same amount of times for a free bullet. A gun that fires in bursts will use the free bullet for the burst, not just add the free one on top. However, most guns that fire multiple projectiles at once, like shotguns, will fire all projectiles for free.
  • As the game will keep track between weapons, Moze can use any weapon as usual before switching to the intended weapon for the free shot. However, the free shot cannot be used on a weapon that does not have ammo.
  • The free shot will also apply to rocket launchers.
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