For the legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3, see Cloud Kill (Borderlands 3).

Cloud Kill is a tier 3 skill in Maya's Cataclysm skill tree. Shooting an enemy will create a Corrosive Cloud, similar to one of a Cloud Grenade except that the acid cloud will not cause self-damage when standing near it.


  • The cloud's duration is 5 seconds.
  • Only one cloud can be active at a time. Players can only generate the next cloud after the previous one dissolves.
  • Nearby splash damage from elemental sources that damage an enemy will also trigger Cloud Kill.
  • Cloud Kill synergizes well with Kinetic Reflection because the reflected bullets can also trigger it. This can cause weaker enemies to effectively eliminate themselves without the player taking action beyond the initial kill.
  • When using weapons whose projectiles have a delayed damage effect, like Darts and Spikers, Cloud Kill will not take effect until the projectile detonates.
  • Cloud Kill makes the Hyperion Contract 873 and Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate difficult to complete due to the skill's nature of spawning corrosive clouds. There are two ways of "fixing" it:
    1. For Medical Mystery, shoot the BlASSter, lead the bandits out of the cloud as fast as possible and kill them before the cloud dissolves. This technique can be also used in Hyperion Contract 873. Since the BlASSter has poor accuracy, short and controlled bursts to the head are recommended.
    2. The second is to just respec and use the point on Cloud Kill after you have completed the two side missions.
  • Initially, damage from this skill did not scale properly beyond normal mode; pre-patch, it was ~3900% weaker.
    • It received a massive buff in the 10/29/15 update, making it much more potent for the affected platforms.



Cloud Kill skill video preview

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