Cleanliness Uprising is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Assist R-0513 in her campaign against filth.



"It just takes one spark to inspire revolution. One angry, unyielding robotic spark, dedicated to the course."
  • Knock over trash can
  • Catch cleaning bot
  • Shoot water pipe
  • Catch cleaning bot
  • Shoot oil barrels
  • Catch cleaning bot


The mission can be accepted from R-0513 at the claptrap shop located just off the Central Terminal in the Hyperion Hub of Heroism. The compass way-point leads to an area just outside of the entrance to Jack's Office, where a yellow Hyperion trash can must be knocked over by activating it to release the cleaning bot from its dock. The cleaning bot is then caught by activating it while it moves to clean up the mess.

The next way-point will point south, to the Hall of Wonders, where the glowing water pipe on the ceiling must be shot. Once again, the cleaning bot must be caught as it travels to clean the mess.

The last bot is found to the east at Helios Access Tunnel #27, near the entrance to the Veins of Helios. The oil barrels in the north east portion of the access tunnel are the last target, and must also be shot. Once the last cleaning bot is retrieved, the mission is turned in to R-0513.


"No amount of sanitizer can cleanse your soul from the atrocities of war."

Turn In: R-0513


  • While the ingame mission info indicates a blue-rarity head customization reward, the head received is in fact of purple rarity.


  • 20160828003908 1

    Brick's discarded wanted poster

    The wanted posters of Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick can be seen flying out of the trash can knocked over to find the first cleaning bot.

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