Clay, short for Clayton, is an NPC character in Borderlands 3. He used to be an intergalactic smuggler until he was caught by Montgomery Jakobs, CEO of the Jakobs corporation, while scrounging for items with his buddy Archimedes. When Montgomery spared Clay's life instead of sending him to The Anvil, Clay abandoned his smuggling clan and became a loyal friend of the Jakobs family.


Nothing much is known of Clay before he met Montgomery Jakobs, although he mentions in some dialogue that he was named "Clay" by his mother due to him being "dumber than dirt", to which Clay would always ask why she didn't just call him "Dirt".

Despite his views of the COV matching those of the Vault Hunter, he seems to be slightly impressed with the Calypso Twins' ability to command an entire army of Psycho followers, due to most companies wanting the same amount of manpower, but end up treating Psychos like "worthless skin flaps".


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