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Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper is a secret boss in the Headhunter Pack DLC T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest for Borderlands 2. He will spawn when four special tasks are completed after completion of the mission The Bloody Harvest.



In the Necropolis area of Hallowed Hollow are four large tombs, each with an unlit torch on its top. To summon Clark, these torches must all be lit. This is done by completing the task connected to each tomb, the nature of which is hinted at by an object near of the tombs. Clark will only summon after completion of The Bloody Harvest and if each task is completed in a single visit to Hallowed Hollow.

The four tasks are:

  1. Defeat Jacques O'Lantern or the Pumpkin Kingpin. This can be achieved during completion of The Bloody Harvest. If attempting to summon Clark on a return visit to Hallowed Hollow, Jacques O'Lantern is essentially the same as the Pumpkin Kingpin and can be summoned in the same location and in a similar manner.
  2. Find three hidden television sets throughout Hallowed Hollow. These are unique TVs that will turn on when approached and depict a scene parodying a scene from a famous horror movie. At least one of these is outside of the "boundaries" of the area, according to the Map.
  3. Destroy six red-eyed pumpkins scattered around the map. Most of these are found in the first few areas of Hallowed Hollow. These pumpkins will release fireballs that light up torches outside the Church of The Dead. Approaching the Church once these are all lit will cause a door to open, revealing a chest.
  4. Use the Loot Cauldron. This is done by sacrificing any gun, shield, and grenade mod into the blood-filled cauldron located in the Lavashore Village area near the lake of fire. Using the Loot Cauldron will spawn a chest which seems to have a greater-than-average chance of containing purple or higher loot.

Once these tasks are completed, the four torches atop the tombs will ignite. Upon returning to the Necropolis, Clark will summon directly across from the four tombs.

Clark is a huge flaming skeleton. He is highly resistant to incendiary damage, but is not particularly strong or difficult to defeat.

To summon him again the Hallowed Hollow area must be exited and the four tasks must be completed again, making Clark particularly tedious to farm if one wishes to do so.