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| given = [[Claptrap]]
| given = [[Claptrap]]
| level = Level 27
| level = Level 27
| rewards = 702XP, [[Backpack SDU]]
| location = [[Lumber Yard]]
| location = [[Lumber Yard]]
| rewards = 702xp, [[Backpack SDU]]
| level2 = 50
| rewards2 = 1123XP, [[Backpack SDU]]
| dlc = Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
| previous =
| previous =
| next =
| next =
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<!--- "This section is optional" --->
<!--- "This section is optional" --->
* You can only complete this mission once you have the mission [[A Bridge Too Ned]].
* You can only complete this mission once you have the mission [[A Bridge Too Ned]].
===2nd Playthrough===
<!--- "Provide specific information pertaining to the second playthrough." --->
:* Level = 50
:* Reward = 1123: XP, [[SDU#Backpack_SDU|Backpack SDU]]

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Claptrap Rescue: The Lumber Yard continues the series of Claptrap rescue missions.


This Claptrap was sent to work at the saw mill. Unfortunately he ran into a bit of trouble.



Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap.
  • Repair Kit found: 0/1

Info "You've discovered a defunct Claptrap here. Perhaps there is a repair kit nearby?"


It is easy to miss this Claptrap as he is up the hill behind a stack of logs. He's also hard to hear when first entering the area, so don't rely on his wimpering to help guide you. When you enter the outskirts of the Lumber Mill, you will be attacked by wereskags. If you look to your left (north) you will see the wereskags leap over a large stack of logs. After you have defeated the wereskags, head up the hill behind these logs and you will find him.
The repair kit is on a large stack of logs in the eastern most corner of this area. You may need to jump on the large log that is leaning on the stack to access the kit.

Lumberyard3 resize

The Lumber Yard Map Location of Repair Kit


The Lumber Yard Map Location of Claptrap


" Thank you, kind traveler! I can now return to my assigned duties. By the way, I found this SDU. You look like you could use one of these!"

Additional Information

  • After you repair the Claptrap he will activate the conveyor belt next to him, then lead you to a slide where after a few seconds a red weapon chest will come down.


  • Trophy Item Card: Claptrap repair kit. Contains everything you need to repair a Claptrap.


This Claptrap has new quotes as he lies there injured.
  • "Go to the sawmill, they said. It'll be good for your career, they said. HELP!"
  • "Help me! Anyone there?"
  • "Where's a vault hunter when you need one?"
  • "A little help please?"
  • "I could use a .. pbht pbht .. Great! Now I have a.. pbht pbht ... sawdust on my vocal enunciation unit."
  • "Sawdust has turned my oil to sludge."
  • "I need a hand here!"
  • "Who am I kidding. Zombies aren't going to repair me."
  • "Is there any real live person out there?"

Nearby Missions

  • You can only complete this mission once you have the mission A Bridge Too Ned.


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