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Claptrap Rescue: Safe House is an optional mission from the Claptrap Rescue series in Borderlands. It becomes available only after Sledge: To The Safe House and runs in the Sledge's Safe House location.


"You've discovered a defunct Claptrap here. It looks like the bandits were pretty rough on him. Perhaps there is a Repair Kit nearby?"



Claptrap Rescue Safe House

Video walkthrough


Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap.


The Claptrap can be found beyond a bunk room with a ramp leading up to a hole in the ceiling. The Claptrap's location can be detected by the usual whimpering and complaints. The Claptrap is on the far side and around a partial loop in the complex although it may also be accessed through a metal grill in the corner of the bunk room.

The repair kit is located in the room above the bunk room, and can be found partially hidden on the top of an air duct near a ramp.

Once the Claptrap has been repaired, it will open a door which allows access to a weapon chest.


"Thank you, kind traveler! I can now return to my appointed tasks. By the way, I found this while sweeping out the storage bins. You look like you could use one of these!"


  • Text of Claptrap Repair Kit item: This is perfect for keeping a Claptrap in good working condition.


  • The Claptrap is found in front of a dartboard. Indications are that the little robot has been used for target practice.
  • Claptrap can interact with through the fence that separates the two rooms. This allows for a quick finish of the mission by talking to the Claptrap through the fence, going up one level for the repair kit and coming back down again to turn in.