(Confirmed Backpack SDU Reward on Playthrough 1)
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|level = 37
|level = 37
|rewards = 2339xp, +3 [[Backpack SDU]]
|rewards = 2339xp, +3 [[Backpack SDU]]
|dlc = The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

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Claptrap Rescue: Lockdown Palace continues the line of Claptrap Rescue Missions.



Find the Repair Kit and release this Claptrap.

  • Repait Kit found: 0/1
"You've discovered a Claptrap robot that has been immobilized. Find a Claptrap Repair Kit to release him."


The player will probably pass right by this Claptrap during the quest Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked. The Repair Kit is located much later in the area, by a vending machine in the large room where you are sent to find Athena. It isn't hidden at all, it's just sitting on a shelf.


"Thank you, stranger! Take this! I think you'll like it! Oh, I've got something else for you. Follow me!"

Additional Information


  • The item card reads: Contains everything you need to release an immobilized Claptrap robot.
  • After being repaired, the Claptrap will unlock a door for the player leading to a red chest. Then, a few seconds later, the Claptrap will get stuck to a giant magnet, declaring: "Dammit, just kill me!" It is not possible to rescue him from this second situation, however.


This Claptrap, much like the one at The Lumber Yard has some new quotes.
  • "I'm not subject to your laws! I didn't program me to do these things!"
  • "Anyone wanna play some bridge? I got a deck of cards in here. I'll even tell you what I have. I'm bidding three nil, but you should probably bid 4 spades...Ah, come on, play with me!"
  • "Swing looooooow, sweet chariiooooooot. Coming forward to carry me hoooooooome." (repeats)
  • "I will do whatever you want just to get me out of here. Seriously, I mean it. Anything you want. Anything. Think about it."
  • "Hey, look. I'll do whatever you want just to get out of here. Think about it. Nothing's too big, nothing's too small, if you know what I'm saying."
  • "Let me out! She didn't tell me her age! Girls of all ages like candy!"
  • "Mr. Shank? The check's in the mail, I swear! C'mon, man, you gotta believe me!"
  • "Oh, I'm having a heart attack. Ohhh, this is the big one! I need a medic and a ride to Dr. Zed. It''s growing dim..."
  • "When I get out of here, some of you bitches are getting stabbed. Matter of fact, I'm going to set the stabbing record on this planet."

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