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Oh...! That poor little robot needs our help. Would you kindly give him a hand?

Claptrap Rescue is a story mission in Borderlands given by Claptrap.


"Claptrap has been shot by the bandits, but the damage looks minor. Perform a quick diagnostic, then see if you can find a Repair Kit somewhere in Fyrestone. You might be able to revive him."



Claptrap Rescue

Video walkthrough


Perform a diagnostic on Claptrap, then find the Repair Kit and repair him.
  • Diagnostic performed
  • Repair Kit


On the way to the gate, Claptrap will be assaulted by a group of bandits, who then vault over the wall and attack. Claptrap is severely damaged in the attack and the Guardian Angel asks that the Claptrap be repaired. The mission marker then indicates a table next to a building where the repair kit is sitting, and the kit is to be brought back to the little robot.


"Once you've tightened a few screws, replaced some burnt wiring, and judiciously applied a little duct tape, Claptrap is rolling once again."


  • This Claptrap will not offer much reward for the repair, aside from opening the gate. However this mission provides the basic tutorial and template for completing more lucrative Claptrap rescues later in the Borderlands and add-on content stories.
  • Claptrap Rescue is a mission appearing in the main storyline, however it technically qualifies as a side mission because of its structure. Rather than turning in the mission to unlock a new mission, it simply allows the unlocking of a gate, which in turn allows a part of the main storyline mission chain to be completed.


  • The phrase "would you kindly..." in the Guardian Angel's request to repair the Claptrap was originally found in Bioshock, another 2K Games game. It was used as a programmed trigger or post-hypnotic activation phrase by one of the primary antagonists of the game to control the game's protagonist, Jack.