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The Claptrap Partisan is a Claptrap enemy encountered in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Seeking to overthrow the humans on Pandora, the newly reprogrammed Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap formed an army of Claptraps to form the initial backbone of the robot revolution. The Claptrap Partisan was built or refitted to operate as a basic infantry combat unit, and comes complete with an archaic helmet of a 20th Century design to project a general issue military appearance.




Claptrap Partisan, alternate design

Claptrap Partisans attack using shotguns or combat rifles. They are relatively weak targets, having about the same amount of health as a standard bandit. Additionally, despite being made of metal, they are not considered to be armored for purposes of calculating damage resistance. Their one advantage is that they tend to attack in larger numbers than bandits or soldiers. They will wheel into medium and close ranges to deliver their shotgun blasts, or hang back at mid range when armed with a rifle. They can be potent in high numbers when encountered in confined areas, where multiple Claptrap Partisans can catch unwary aggressors in a deadly crossfire.

A Claptrap Partisan's critical hit location is its centrally mounted optical sensor.


Sighting an enemy
  • "Fleshies! Straight ahead!"
  • "Hey, baby! Wanna kill all humans?"
  • "Hey, bring me some potato salad! How do you like it?!?"
  • "Resistance is FUBAR!"
  • "Exterminate!"
  • "Viva Free Pandora! Viva la Revolution! Viva some other third awesome thing!"
  • "Bring it on, bonebag!"
  • "Hi! I'm Claptrap Number Four Two Seven! How can I murder you today?"
  • "Oh, you think you're so great! With your skin and your reproductive organs. Well, not for long!"
  • "It must really suck not being made of titanium alloy right now!"
  • "Claptraps of Pandora, UNTIE! Sorry...F7...spellchecker....UNITE!"
  • "War is hell. Luckily, robots have no concept of the afterlife. So we're okay with it!"
  • "I forget. "Human." Bulletproof or...? Whoops! Guess not!"
  • "Hard drive failure!"
  • "System Shock!"
  • "Oil can! Oil can!"
  • "Danger! Danger!"
  • "Oh, god! I think I'm leaking!"
Depleted shield
  • "Diverting power to shields!"
  • "I'm exposed!"
  • "Shields compromised!"
  • "My paint job!"
  • "Error Four Zero Four! File not found!"
  • "I see three flashing red lights!"
  • "Waaaugh!"


  • The name of the Claptrap Partisan is different in each difficulty level:
    • Playthrough 1: Claptrap Partisian
    • Playthrough 2: Claptrap Freedom Fighter
    • Playthrough complete: Claptrap Rebel
  • Claptrap Partisans have their weapons mounted in the middle of their heads above their optic sensors.
  • The Claptrap Partisian's shout, "Exterminate!" is a reference to the Daleks, from the British sci-fi show Doctor Who, who have the same war cry before entering battle.
  • The line "Hey Baby, Wanna kill all humans?" is a quote originally said by the robot Bender, on the TV show Futurama.
  • The line "I see three flashing red lights!" is a reference to the "three red lights" error displayed on the Xbox 360 console's "ring of light", indicating a general hardware failure.

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