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ECHO Recordings

Personal Recording

Jack: Claptrap -- start bootup sequence.

Claptrap: Directive one: Protect humanity! Directive two: Obey Jack at all costs. Directive three: Dance!

Jack: No no no no! Cancel directive three!

Claptrap: Commencing directive three! Uhntssuhntssuhntss--

Jack: Ugh, friggn' hate that guy.

Claptrap (commenting): Ahh -- one of my very first startup sequences! The memories...

Interplanetary Ninja Chatterbox




Claptrap: Booting sequence complete. Hello! I am your new steward bot. Designation: CL4P-TP, Hyperion Robot, Class C. Please adjust factory settings to meet your needs before deployment.

Jack: Finally! Can you hear me? What do you remember?

Claptrap: Yes. Remember what? Are... are you my father?

Jack: Ah, no... uh, you --

Claptrap: -- Are you god? Am I dead?

Jack: Nonono, you're not dead, you're --

Claptrap: [missing line]

Jack: You. Are. Not. Dead! Your new designation is FR4G-TP. Fragtrap. You are a merciless killing machine. Got it?

Gameplay (The Pre-Sequel)

Character selection

  • "Hey everybody! Check out my package!"
  • "Let's get this party started!"
  • "Glitching weirdness is a terminal condition, right?" (needs proofreading)
  • "Recompiling my combat code!"
  • "This time it'll be awesome, I promise!"
  • "Look out everybody! Things are about to get awesome!"

Jumping a gap

  • "Wheeeee!"
  • "Yahooooo!"
  • "And now we observe the amazing clappy bird."

Meleeing an enemy

  • "Hyah!"
  • "Take that!"

Killing an enemy

Killing multiple enemies

  • "Hehehehe..."

Killing a Badass (or higher) enemy

  • "You call yourself a badass?"
  • "Wow, did I really do that?"

Freezing an enemy

  • "Now I want a snowcone."
  • "Take a chill pill!"
  • "Cryo me a river!"
  • "Freeze! I don't know why I said that."
  • "Don't cryo!"
  • "Frigid."
  • "Solid! Get it? As in frozen?"

Taking elemental damage

  • "My assets... are frozen!" (Taking frost damage)
  • "I can't feel me fingers! Gah! I don't have any fingers!" (Taking frost damage)
  • "Too cold, can't move!" (Taking frost damage)
  • "I am a robot-popsicle!" (Taking frost damage)
  • "So cold... brrh..." (Taking frost damage)
  • "Why do I even feel pain?!" (Taking fire, corrosive or shock damage)
  • "Why did they build me out of galvanished flesh?!" (Taking fire, corrosive or shock damage)

Getting a Critical Hit

  • "Pop pop!"
  • "Crit-i-cal!"
  • "Flesh fireworks!"
  • "Oh quit falling to pieces."
  • "Is that what people look like inside?"
  • "Ooh, squishy bits!"

Using VaultHunter.EXE

  • "This time it'll be awesome, I promise!"
  • "Hey everybody, check out my package!"
  • "It's happening... it's happening!"
  • "What will he do next?"
  • "Things are about to get awesome!"
  • "Let's get this party started!"
  • "I'm a sexy dinosaur rawr" (When activating Funzerker)
  • (unintelligible snarling) (When activating Meat Unicycle)
  • "It's the only way, to stop the voices!" (When activating Meat Unicycle) (Possible errors)
  • "Roses are red/Violets are blue/ many syllables does that have?" (When activating Shhhhhhhh...trap)
  • "Minion-trap, pretend you're a Siren!" (When activating Blightbot)
  • "Aww, I shoulda drawn tattoos on it!" (When activating Blightbot)
  • "Burn them, my minion-phoenix!" (When activating Blightbot)
  • "Calm down!" (When activating Blightbot)
  • "It's time to PHASE you suckers out!" (When activating Blightbot)
  • "Tell me I'm the prettiest!" (When activating Blightbot)
  • "Can I use my magic missile"? (When activating Gun Wizard)
  • "Do not look behind my curtain! (When activating Gun Wizard)
  • "I'm made of magic!" (When activating Gun Wizard)
  • "You can call me Gundalf!" (When activating Gun Wizard)
  • "To the sky, minion-trap!" (When activating Mechromagician)
  • "Fly minion-trap! Fly!" (When activating Mechromagician)
  • "I have two robot arms!" (When activating Mechromagician)
  • "Punch 'em in the face, minion-trap!" (When activating Mechromagician)
  • "Ratattattattatta! Powpowpowpow! Powpowpowpow! Pew-pew-pew!" (When activating Miniontrap)
  • "Score one for the turret-trap!" (When activating Miniontrap)
  • "I'm going commando!" (When activating Miniontrap)
  • "Kill, reload, kill, reload" (When activating One Shot Wonder) (Possible punctuation errors)
  • "Like those guys who made one song ever" (When activating One Shot Wonder) (Possible errors)
  • "All these bullets in just one shot."(When activating One Shot Wonder) (Possible errors)
  • "Is this canon?" (When activating Pirate Ship Mode)

During VaultHunter.exe

  • Claptrap: "Knock-knock." Summoned bot: "Whose there?" Claptrap: "Tat." Summoned bot: "Tat who?" Claptrap: "Not until you're older." (During Mechromagician, Blight Bot, and Miniontrap)
  • Summoned bot: "Wubwubwub. Dubstep dubstep. Wubwubwubwub DROP!" (During Mechromagician)
  • Summoned bot: "Knock Knock" Claptrap: "Who's there?" Summoned bot: "Wub" Claptrap: "Wub who?" Summoned bot: "Wubwubwubwubwub..." Claptrap: "You're dead to me." (During Blight Bot)
  • Summoned bot: "Knock Knock" Claptrap: "Who's there?" Summoned bot: "Itch" Claptrap: "Itch who?" Summoned bot: "Bless you"

Being Crippled

  • "I'll stop talking when I'm dead!" (Needs confirmation)
  • "Your momma's so dumb, she couldn't think of a good ending for this 'yo momma' joke!"

Being revived

Gaining Second Wind

  • "Hahaha... I ascend!"

Reviving an ally

  • "So, does this make me your favorite?"

Issuing a duel challenge

Teammate accepts duel challenge

Winning a duel

Losing a duel

Crashing into vehicle

  • "Did you scratch the paint?"

Swapping vehicle seats

Ally-specific Quotes

  • "Shield me, maiden!" (when Athena raises her Kinetic Aspis)
  • "Go get them Athena!" (When Athena raises her Kinectic Aspis)
  • "That is so hot!" (When Athena raises her Kinetic Aspis)
  • "Nice shield baby" (When Athena raises her Kinectic Aspis)
  • "Nice heals!" (when healed by Saint)

Completing a challenge

  • "Oh my gosh, a challenge!"
  • "I did a challenge? I did a challenge!"
  • "Glad I didn't mess that up."
  • "I did something right for once!"

Looking at menus

  • "This, or that..."
  • "So many choices!"
  • "What's the difference?"
  • "Perhaps I should try them out first."


  • Pistols
    • "Shaken, not stirred"
    • "The moon is not enough!"
    • "My name is Trap, Claptrap, 00...Trap."
    • "I expect you to die!"
    • "Feeling lucky, punk?"
  • Shotguns
    • "In yo' FACE!"
    • "Get ready for some Claptrap face time!"
    • "Chk-chk, BOOM!"
    • "You're listening to 'Short-Range Damage Radio.'"
  • Assault Rifles
    • "Get off my lawn."
    • "Back in my day..."
    • "At least I still have my teeth."
    • "Coffee? Black... like my soul."
    • "Crazy young wippersnappers..."
  • Sniper Rifles
    • "Now you're sorted!"
    • "Snoiped!"
    • "Crack shot!"
  • Melee
  • Health
    • "Make my day."
    • "Gimme your best shot."
  • Shields
    • "Enterrrrr the CHAMPION!"
    • "Why do I feel radioactive!?"
  • Elemental

Applying Best Buds 4 Life

  • "Looks like some of my awesome rubbed off!"

Activating Cryogenic Exhaust

Activating Float like a Bee

Activating Kick Him While He's Down


  • Activation
    • "Secret handshake!"
  • Ally gives high five
  • Enemy gives high five
    • "Still counts!"
    • "I'll take what I can get!"
  • No high five received
    • (whistling)
    • "I feel like an idiot now."
    • "Single-player bonus!"
    • "I must look really stupid right now!"



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