Claptrap: It's my birthday! I first rolled off the assembly line seven years ago! Do me a favor and hand out these invites for my stellar birthday bash, will ya? And quickly -- we're gonna start any minute!

(Mission objectives update: (Paused) 02:10 Grab invitations)

(Vault Hunter grabs the ivitaations and goes off to deliver them.)

(Mission objectives update: (Paused) 02:10 Invite Marcus, Invite Moxxi, Invite Scooter)

(Vault Hunter invites Marcus ...)

Marcus: Hahahahahahahahahaha! No.

(Vault Hunter invites Moxxi ...)

Moxxi: Ooooh, sorry, I can't make it. Give Claptrap my love, though. My purely platonic love. Don't want him getting any ideas.

(Vault Hunter invites Scooter ...)

Scooter: Hah, Clappy's havin' a shindig? You know, I'd go, but... I ain't gonna.

(Mission objectives update: (Paused) 02:10 Return to party)

Claptrap: Come on back, buddy! It's time to start the party!

(Vault Hunter gets back to Claptrap.)

Claptrap: I've set up some pizza and some sparkling wigglers -- just hit that boom box and we'll get this party started!

(Mission objectives update: (Paused) 02:10 Turn on boombox)

(Vault Hunter turns on the boombox.)

Claptrap: Alright! The guests should be arriving any minute!

(Mission objectives update: Enjoy party)

Claptrap: I'm sure everyone just got lost. This place is kind of hard to find.

Claptrap: Feel free to mingle with, um... nobody.

Claptrap: Uh -- there's, um, some pizza. If you're hungry.

(Mission objectives update: Eat pizza)

(Vault Hunter takes a slice of pizza.)

Claptrap: Heh-heh -- pizza's kinda cold. Sorry 'bout that.

Claptrap: Cough.

Claptrap: Cough.

Claptrap: Cough.

Claptrap: Ha-HA!

(Claptrap picks up a party favor and tries to play it.)

Claptrap: (blowing) Oh. Right. I don't have lungs. Minion, could you blow into this thing, maybe liven the party up a bit?

(Mission objectives update: Blow into party favor)

Claptrap: Yaaay.

Claptrap: Heh -- you enjoying the party?

Claptrap: Sigh.

Claptrap: Well, uh... I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for, um -- thanks for comin' to my party, minion. It, uh... looks like I bought way too much pizza, so, um... take some home if you want.

(Vault Hunter takes some pizza then turns in the mission to Claptrap.)

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