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Claptrap's Birthday Bash! is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Claptrap.


Claptrap first rolled off the assembly line 7 years ago! And he wants to celebrate by having a birthday party.


Deliver the three invitations then turn on the boom box to start the party. The timer will begin to count down from 2:10. Eat some pizza, blow the party favor, and enjoy the party!


  • Grab invitations
  • Hand out invitations to Scooter, Mad Moxxi and Marcus Kincaid
  • Return to Claptrap
  • Turn on boombox
  • Eat pizza
  • Blow into party favor
  • Enjoy party


"You went to Claptrap's birthday party. It got pretty awkward."


  • There is a QR code on the birthday invites. It reads "NICK WILSON HO OH".
  • If the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous is ready to turn in, taking this mission will force the turn in to Moxxi before the invitation. If the Sloth is desired as the reward, turn in to Mordecai before inviting Moxxi. Other missions such as Safe and Sound are not affected.

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