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Clan War: Wakey Wakey is the second-to-last mission in the Clan War arc. After Mick Zaford has the Vault Hunters burn the Hodunk trailer park down, Tector & Jimbo Hodunk want revenge.


"The Zaford clan is holding their annual wake for Lucky Zaford, who was killed by Scooter (an ex-Hodunk) several years ago. Jimbo and Tector Hodunk want you to get drunk, crash the wake, and kill everyone inside for burning their trailers to the ground."



Crash Lucky Zaford's Wake
  • Go to Moxxi's bar
  • Drink lagers: 0/3
  • Gain access to the Holy Spirits
  • Crash wake with bullets
  • Return to Ellie


The first step to gaining entry to the wake is to get heavily intoxicated. To this end Moxxi will sell three drinks at $5 each, before announcing that those three are enough. Once a character is intoxicated, the bouncer at The Holy Spirits will permit entry at the door.

The preacher in The Holy Spirits will deliver a short eulogy about Lucky, but otherwise the occupants of the bar will do nothing more than wander around the tap room until attacked - the mezzanine remains empty. Once fired upon, they become hostile and counterattack. Vault Hunters can crash the wake with any attack, not just guns – grenades and rocket launchers will also do the job.


"The clan war has officially reached a boiling point. A big fight is coming, and only one family will emerge victorious."

Turn In: Ellie

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  • The text of Golden Lager item: A liquid cure for the maladies known as "restraint" and articulateness".
  • The intoxication effect of Moxxi's alcohol is made evident by a radial pattern distortion on players' screens, and bubbles rising at the edges of the picture. If the mission is not completed, this effect will go away after 5 minutes, or if the character enters Fight for Your Life mode. Although Tector urges the character to get to The Holy Spirits before the booze wears off, this does not have any effect on the mission.
  • During The Talon of God, Moxxi has a line stating that drinks will be free thereafter; however, it does not have any impact on this mission as the Golden Lager will still cost $5.


  • The Zaford priest says Lucky's full name is "Lucky Sleveen Zaford". This is a reference to the movie Lucky Number Slevin.
  • This mission is the only occasion where Overlook citizens are absent from the Holy Spirits.

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