Clan War: End of the Rainbow is a mission in Borderlands 2.



  • Spot the Leprechaun
  • Follow bagman undetected
  • Kill bagman
  • Pick up bagman's key
  • Steal the Zafords's[sic] dirty money


The Hodunks send the Vault Hunters after the Zafords' cash stash hidden in Ale Wee Cavern. The objective is to follow Peter Zaford, the bagman, down into the cavern while remaining undetected. Shooting or getting too close in proximity to him will cause the mission to fail. Once the bagman has reached his destination, it's time to bag the bagman and snatch the cash.

The bagman is a midget armed with a shotgun. He also drops corrosive grenades and wears a version of the Pot O' Gold, a booster shield that drops money when damaged. He can teleport short distances and uses this tactic in conjunction with his corrosive grenades to leave a live grenade behind when he vanishes.

There are also ten ammunition crates in Ale Wee Cavern that are packed with money. Locating and opening all of these will complete the optional objective. The chests must be opened before the key is inserted into the final lock for the mission completion, or the supplementary objective will become unavailable.


"The Zaford cash stash has been snatched."

Turn In: Jimbo Hodunk


  • Once the bagman is killed, vault hunters can farm the red chest at the end of the Ale Wee Cavern for purple and even legendary gear for the upcoming missions.


  • The description of the ECHO Recorder that starts the mission is: "Heart, stars, and horseshoes..." referencing the Lucky Charms jingle.
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