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Clairvoyant is a challenge for 10 Badass points that takes place in Concordia. The objective is to deactivate the electric barrier, for the second M3 unit during the Systems Jammed mission, before Moxxi provides the objective to do so.

NOTE: This can only be attempted during the Systems Jammed story mission and will not be available if the mission proceeds too far before completion.


During the Systems Jammed mission, an electrical barrier that prevents access to the second M3 unit must be disabled. The Electrical Fuse Box that disables the barrier can be found by following the wire south-west across the roof tops from the barrier. The fuse box is located at the top of the second tower to the south-west and can either be destroyed or interacted with to shut down the barrier.

It is recommended to complete the challenge prior to finishing the "Attach transmitter to first comm tower" objective, as otherwise the waypoint during the "Attach transmitter to second comm tower" objective must be completely avoided. Once the objective "Shut down electric fence" becomes activated(which occurs when the waypoint is approached), it will no longer be possible to complete this challenge during this play-through.



If the challenge is missed in a characters first play-through, there is a second chance to complete it during true vault hunter mode. If it is missed again, it is, at the current time, impossible to complete in a solo game. Joining a multi-player game where the host has not yet passed the point at which the challenge is locked out becomes the only method by which the challenge may be completed.