Circle of Duty: Sergeant is the fourth round of gladiator style matches at Circle of Duty in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Zach runs the arena of Circle of Duty and arranges next challenge to the player.


"You ready to try the sergeant level, eh? Well don't stand there looking at me, get going!"


Circle of Duty Sergeant

Circle of Duty Sergeant

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Survive the round
  • Survive round


Once all participating characters have entered the arena, one character standing on the Lance emblem in the middle will trigger the round to begin. Lance Rocketeers will show themselves almost instantly after the mission starts. Other enemies spawn in groups in the specific order which is more or less the same every time. It's possible to memorize the sequence and location of where the enemies spawn. A very good place to camp is the ramp opposite from the entrance to the Circle, until Lance Royal Guard or something else spawns in that location.

Lancers will enter the area and follow the road in and counterclockwise direction. A strong corrosive weapon can take care of these quickly. Take cover and be careful of the laser; it can kill its targets as easily as it can be killed.

Since the enemies are all Crimson Lance, it's advisable to use a strong corrosive gun as a primary. When dealing with Lance Chemical Troopers however, switch to other Elemental or normal damage forms.

Transfusion grenades are helpful to regain some health on the fly, while marking out enemies who are behind cover.

A high capacity shield and some sort of health regeneration are highly recommended. An ideal setup is health regeneration supported by the skill tree, shield and class mod due to the stacking effect.


"This is it recruit. Only one more and you are in."


  • There are bugs where:
    • one of the last Crimson Lance soldiers will get stuck inside one of the metal domes in the arena, and will never come out to fight. It's possible to see his red dot on your radar, and hear him speak, but there is no way to kill him. When this happens, the only way to kill him is to use an Eridian Weapon that can bypass the red shield of the dome to shoot him. A globber works well as do a few others. Transfusion grenades also work, just throw them down into the red area and he will eventually be killed.
    • the Circle of Duty Director doesn't give players the mission (and the door stays shut). There seems to be no way around this bug and it affects both single-player, and multiplayer games.
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