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Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty is the fifth and final round of gladiator style matches at Circle of Duty in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Zach runs the arena of Circle of Duty and this time offers the last challenge to the player.


"This is it. The final challenge to prove your honor and worthiness to be one of the Crimson Lance."



Circle of Duty Medal of Duty

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Survive the round
  • Survive round


This is the same as all the others, except that the number of Lance Royal Guards is increased, there are four waves of Lance Rocketeers, and two Lancer spawns. It would be wise to expect varying types of Badass to spawn in waves of four through the fight.


"Well, you did a great job, but it has just come to our attention that you recently murdered our General. Therefore I must decline your request to join the Crimson Lance."