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Circle of Duty: Corporal is the third round of gladiator style matches at Circle of Duty in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Zach runs the arena of Circle of Duty.


"You're moving up the ranks. Time to really put youto the test. When you are ready, enter the center of the red Crimson Lance logo. I hope you've been training."



Circle of Duty Corporal

Video walkthrough


Survive the round.
  • Survive round


This round can be handled with much the same strategy as the last match, only this time two new additions have been added. Lance Rocketeers will launch skyward to attack from above and a Crimson Lancer will drive around shooting shock bolts. The Lancer's attack depletes shields rapidly, however there is a small delay between the time it is fired, and the time it accelerates towards the target, so moving targets have a good chance to evade it. The Lancer will not turn around, it will just keep driving counter-clockwise around the circle until it is defeated.

In Playthrough 2 there are Lance Royal Guards that spawn as well.


"You've definitely caught the eye of the Lance higher-ups. Keep up the good work."