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Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2 is the second round for the Circle of Slaughter.


"Back for more?I'm gonna get 'em real riled up before I let 'em out this time. They're just gonna wanna kill the first person they see. I'd hate to be that guy.Oh wait, that's you."



It's kill or be killed!
  • Round survived


Round 2 is strategically much the same as Round 1, however the opposition is bigger and nastier. This time the cages will release a number of Bruisers and Badass Bruisers, so taking cover to cut down the number of opponents in view will help with this mission immensely. When some of the larger enemies have been eliminated they will be joined by several midgets.

As with the previous round, it is possible to plant proximity mines around the spawn points of the bandits before accepting the mission. The grenades can be dropped at each cage, and more can be acquired at the vending machines to lay a second batch in the area. There will be enough time to run out, accept the mission and re-enter the arena to start the match.


"Next time I'm gonna light the stick on fire before I poke 'em. I got to get me better stock if they can't take out a lay-about like you. Here's your cash."