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Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1 is the first round for the Circle of Slaughter.


"All you gotta do is survive. All my pets have to do is tear you in half. See you soon, in one piece or maybe two."



It's kill or be killed!
  • Round survived


This is another circle arena match, only this time the opponents are men with guns. An ammo vendor is located just outside, offering supplies for the coming fight.

When the arena is entered the gate will slam shut and the match begins. Several cages around the edge of the enclosure drop to the arena floor and release a number of Bandit Raiders and axe-wielding Psychos. There is some cover available that can be used to block the raiders' line of sight while the psychos get in close.

Using Proximity Mines

Because a round will only start if you've accepted its related quest, you can safely enter the arena before accepting the quest. Thus it is possible to plant Proximity Mines around the spawn points of the Bandits. It is even possible to drop all your grenades at each cage, run out, buy some more, then drop a second batch of Proximity Mines in the area. You can then run out, accept the quest and re-enter the arena to start the match before the Mines' two-minute timer causes them to explode. When the cages drop, you'll immediately be causing damage or even killing some of the Bandits right at the start of the fight.


"Bah! You looked like my candy-ass brother out there. But I'm talking to you, so I owe you. Now scram."