Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2 is the third and final round for the Circle of Slaughter.


"This is it. You survive this time, I might actually respect you. I'm betting heavily against you, course I know what's coming and it ain't gonna be pretty."


Circle Of Slaughter Final Round

Circle Of Slaughter Final Round

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It's kill or be killed!
  • Round survived


Despite being a level 28 mission, even higher levels can have a bit of trouble with this quest. Your character will likely be sustaining damage from many directions, so it is highly recommended that as many defensive options are explored as possible. Seeking cover is very important, and health restorative skills and equipment can be very helpful here.

The first round of cages dropped into the arena will release Badass Bruisers and Bandit Raiders. In addition, a gate at each side of the arena and near the entrance will release a Badass Bruiser then another upon the first one's defeat. Mutant Midget Psychos will join the fray once some of these are defeated, while the remaining cages will drop more bandits into the fray as more enemies are slain. Long-range weapon choices are usually the best weapon options, allowing one to stay in optimal covered positions and still train fire to much of the arena effectively.


"I underestimated you stranger. I like your style. Course, can't let you fight anymore. Going through my pets too quickly. Here are your winnings. See you 'round."


  • If your character dies in mid-fight, it's possible for this mission to glitch and not give you completion after re-entering and killing the remaining bandits. The door will remain down, there will be no more enemies, and you will be stuck. If this happens, go back to the entrance of the arena, and with your back against the wall, walk slowly to the left, this will drop the final boxes and allow you to finish the level. Getting the character killed and re-entering will also reset the mission for it to be completed.
  • Just as well, it's possible for the last round to be exceptionally easy if you are defeated and re-enter the ring. Sometimes the match doesn't reset entirely and you will be granted victory for killing a very small number of foes (sometimes as few as two badasses).
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