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Circle Of Death: Round 2 is the second round of gladiator style matches in the Arid Badlands arena. Rade Zayben runs the arena here.


"Back for more, eh? It's gonna be tougher this time. I don't expect a punk like you to last very long, but you understand the sequel has to up the ante."



Circle Of Death Round 2

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It's kill or be killed!
  • Round survived


Upon entering, the gate will close, locking the Vault Hunters in with their foes. It will remain shut until either all the skags are dead, or the vault hunters die themselves. There are several "dens" that will open on the perimeter of the arena randomly spawning Skags. Round 2 is similar to round 1 except the skags are slightly tougher. There will be 6-10 skags spawned randomly but no more than 3-4 at a single time. It is helpful to be mindful of the cooldowns on class skills until the last skag of the fight, due to the increased difficulty of this final adversary.

  • Enemies:
  • Using Proximity Mines
    It is also possible to plant proximity mines at each of the Skags' spawn points before the match starts. The entrance only closes after the quest has been accepted and center of the arena reached. It is possible to enter the arena beforehand, drop some Proximity Mines at the entrance to each Skag den, then run out to buy some more. Done quickly enough, it is possible to lay two or three traps per spawn point while having a complete supply of grenades before accepting the mission and actually fight the round.


"Not bad. Not as good as I was back in my day, but we can't all be superstars. Well, I'm talking to you, so I guess I gotta pay you. If you've got another round in you, you know where to find me."

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  • There is a glitch that may cause the gate to remain open after activation. Having a character move back under the gate to block its descent will cause it to rise again, providing the opportunity to kill all of the skags from outside of the arena.
  • There are times when a character and/or a skag will get caught behind a fence in the arena. If this happens, it may be still possible to complete the mission by shooting through the fence. If a character gets stuck, that character has to exit the game.