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Chubby Varkids are insectoid enemy found in various locations in Borderlands 2. They are an oversized version of the adult varkid that has a small chance to spawn from a varkid nest, dumpster truck or adult and badass pod.



Chubby varkids have short, stubby wings that allows them to take to the air and close on their intended targets or to move to different locations. Although capable to launch spitting attacks while airborne, they prefer to attack while on the ground. They don't use ram or melee attacks but rather try to move away and create some distance where from they can launch corrosive spit at their intended victims. While doing so they expose their sensitive abdomens and critical spots. For more adventurous Vault Hunters this presents an opportunity to take out Chubby Warkid with a few well placed shotgun shots, more so if with explosive rounds. Althoug easy to avoid, spit attacks have the ability to inflict a lot of damage. As they move at a very docile pace, it is easy to outrun them to a safe distance from which they can be taken out with out much risk to Vault Hunters.