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Chubby Skags are very rare skags. They have a high chance of dropping high-quality or rare loot.



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Chubby Skags are very tough and often charge at Vault Hunters, running into them to inflict heavy damage while knocking them back. They will also viciously claw at their target while near. Before the charge, they run certain distance away exposing their vulnerable hind quarters. At the end of each run, they stop and roar exposing their only critical spot.

In Borderlands 3, Chubby Skags feature a more complete moveset.

Charge Attack: It prepares itself before charging forward at an impressive speed for its body mass. The impact doesn't knock back the victim and the skag usually does a follow-up melee attack. Easily avoidable by strafing to the side.

Tongue Whip: Its elastic tongue can be used to perform a heavy-hitting swipe with longer reach than its usual melee attacks.

Ground Pound: If the skag detects an enemy behind it, by its sides or is surrounded by more than one enemy, it will jump and let its own weight produce a short, yet strong shockwave. It can be avoided with a well-timed jump. Sometimes, the skag will do its jump barrel-roll style.

Melee: The skag may attempt to bite its target's face, scratch it with its claws or do a standard skag bite.

Taunt: Feeling either impatient or boastful, the skag opens its mouth to let out a roar and expose its weak spot.


  • Killing a Chubby Skag unlocks the Cute Loot achievement.
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands 3
    • Regardless of the game mode, their name remains the same.

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