Chip's Data Mining Adventure is a mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's DLC Claptastic Voyage.



  • Investigate mine
  • Mine data files: 0/4
  • Talk to Shame
  • Kill Shame


  • Kill data mining cookies: 0/4


Chip informs the Vault Hunters that one of his companions, Snicker-D, has been killed while illegaly mining data in Claptrap's Mind. The Vault Hunters agree to investigate, and delve deeper into a previously-blocked-off mineshaft. Along the way, there are four data files which contain some of Claptrap's embarrassing secrets. When the fourth and final data file is picked up, Shame appears and angrily asserts that this area is private, and the cookies have no right to acquire data from it.

The Vault Hunters can either choose to side with Chip and the cookies, or with Shame. The other(s) must be destroyed, and the choice is made once either is shot at. The Cookies will not fight back, being unarmed, but Shame is not a difficult opponent either. The Vault Hunters can then return to other party for their reward: Chip provides the Data Scrubber, and Shame provides the Hard Reboot.


Turn in: Chip OR Shame

"You've solved the mystery of the cookie-eating critters once and for all."


  • Mission Items:
    • Data File - A provocative piece of private and personal data
  • A broken cookie will appear at the mission location after the game is exited, even if Chip is sided with.
  • The mission is a reference to HTTP cookies, which are often used to store identifiers and track users for data mining.

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