The Chimera is a legendary revolver manufactured by Atlas.

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Special Weapon Effects

A beast of many forms - Fire, Lightning, and Poison – Explosive x2 - x4. The bullets themselves deal explosive damage, but have a chance to be another element: incendiary, shock or corrosive.

Description & usage

The Chimera is mostly equivalent to a standard explosive revolver, but with much more damage, and stronger elemental tech. Weak explosive effects are actually the default non-proc effect. Whenever the Chimera does proc, it is always corrosive, incendiary or shock (but never explosive). The Chimera is hard to adapt to any scenario outside of combat with the ordinary bandit, as most other enemies on Pandora are either less susceptible to some elements (zombies being immune to corrosive damage for example), or have multiple examples of different elemental forms (badass elemental varieties of skag).

Overall, the Chimera effect should be treated like a novelty, rather than something you can really rely on. Nevertheless, the Chimera's default explosive effect combined with its high damage is something Vault Hunters can count on.


The Chimera effect comes from the acc5_Atlas_Chimera accessory, which is based on acc5_Explosive. It packs more tech, and much more damage, in the sense that it does not have any damage reduction due to the elemental effect. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc5_Atlas_Chimera acc5_Explosive
Tech Level: +10 Tech Level: +6
Damage: -40%



  • The name is a reference to the chimera of Greek legends, which has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake/dragon/scorpion.
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