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Children of the Vault is the first story mission in Borderlands 3.


"Despite an ambush by the bandit cult known as the children of the Vault, the Crimson Raiders successfully recruited a new Vault Hunter: you. Now their Siren leader Lillith needs you to infiltrate a COV propaganda center alongside what appears to be a yellow toaster with anxiety."



  • Follow Claptrap
    • Gain Entry into Propaganda Center
    • Kill CoV enemies
    • Kill CoV enemies
  • Search area for a shield (optional)
    • Get shield
  • Find Shiv
  • Kill Shiv
  • Use magnet controls
  • Revive Claptrap
  • Speak with Lilith


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  • During the "stealth" part of the mission, Claptrap's uttering refers to lyrics from the song "Claptrap Stealth Jazz " written by Elisa Meléndez and Evan Lamb, performed by the former (as Tyreen Calypso) during the end credits.

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