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The Children of the Vault (otherwise known as the COV) is one of the main antagonistic factions in Borderlands 3. They are the combined might of the entire bandit and psycho population of Pandora, who have been radicalized and set the task of finding and opening every vault in the galaxy. Their logo is an upside-down version of the Vault logo.

The group is led by the Calypso Twins, twin sibling Sirens who are worshiped by their followers as "The Twin Gods". Tyreen Calypso is the older of the twins who is the main face of the faction, and hailed as "The God Queen". Troy Calypso is her younger brother in charge of the faction's propaganda and broadcasts, and is hailed as "The God King". The followers of the cult are named "the family" as a collective, and call the Vault Hunters "heretics" or "Vault Thieves" due to their belief that the vaults are property of their cult.

The Children of the Vault are the manufacturers of their own form of weaponry, which replaces their older manufacturer (Bandit) but shares an overall similar build and style.


After the events of Borderlands 2, the Calypso Twins began broadcasting the senseless murders they committed across the ECHOnet, in an attempt to gain fame and fortune. According to Tyreen, their broadcasts and charisma worked wonders upon the damaged minds of the Pandorans, as the twins accepted them with open arms and gave them a place of acceptance: a family. This ended up gaining the Calypso Twins a literal, enormous cult following as a result, forming the Children of the Vault, which is comprised of ten billion followers at its prime.

The COV seem to have almost complete control of Pandora by the events of Borderlands 3, with the Crimson Raiders being held back by their sheer numbers during the start of the game. Their influence can be seen far and wide, as their recruitment posters can be seen throughout the galaxy, while their propaganda towers broadcast COV-focused news and music in an effort to influence others to join the family.

Unlike the Bandit faction of the previous games, which had no obvious leader apart from certain camps and groups, the Children of the Vault operate as a cult of personality, where the leaders use the powers of mass media and propaganda to create a worshipful view of their leaders through unquestioning flattery and praise. Their actions are also a satirical parody of modern influencers and streamers in general, with the Calypso Twins being exaggerated versions of attention-hungry online celebrities. However, the cult also gains influence from actual religious cults, using language such as "heretic" when mentioning the Vault Hunters, naming their troops Fanatic and Martyr, and even building massive religious buildings in the name of the Calypsos, such as the Holy Broadcast Center at Ascension Bluff, and their eponymous cathedral to the twin gods.

The twins constantly crave to increase their already impressive "subscription count" through broadcasts directed to their followers: they often set up daily "Livescreams ("Livestreams") and other content such as "Let's Flays" (Let's Plays) to keep their follower count high and growing, and are not afraid to broadcast the failures of the Vault Hunters and their allies to increase their view count. They even hire hosts to do their bidding, such as Mouthpiece, who is in charge of "Holy Broadcasts", and Pain and Terror, who host shows of gladiatorial violence that often lead to the willing deaths of participants at their massive carnival.

The cult uses a tier-based membership system in a parody of "subscriber tiers", with "Eridium-tier" members being given the opportunity to participate in special live events; in this case, being teleported directly to the Vault Hunters to fight them in person, or become turned into empowered mutants known as the Anointed.

In order to provide themselves with weaponry, the Children of the Vault have rummaged up whatever they could find in order to make firearms of their own: COV weapons are ramshackle guns made out of spare weapon parts and discarded rubbish, and powered by salvaged engines that grant their guns unlimited magazine sizes, though they will overheat if fired too long and have to be repaired in a similar way to reloading.


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