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Childhood's End is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It is given by Patricia Tannis in Konrad's Hold after the completion of Blood Drive.


"Help fix the water purifier for Vaughn, which will take you on a long, strange trip down memory lane."



  • Open storage room
  • Find the portrait
  • Move portrait
  • Open back door
  • Find a toy bear
  • Touch the bear
  • Find a vending machine
  • Touch vending machine
  • Find Hyperion RKT Sentry
  • Touch Hyperion RKT Sentry
  • Destroy Hyperion RKT Sentry
  • Find a satellite
  • Touch satellite
  • Go to Roland's Rest
  • Touch water purifier
  • Talk to Vaughn


This mission primarily consists of exploration and listening to Angel's memories. After locating the entrance to the area, Tannis asks for a stuffed bear to be found. It is located on a couch on the left side of the room.

Next, Tannis asks for an old vending machine to be found. It is located behind a barred gate on the north side of the room. The switch to open it is next to the gate. After interacting with the vending machine, it will dispense random guns and play the next memory. After listening to Tannis, a power fuse next to the vending machine has to be collected.

The collected fuse has to be inserted into a fuse box on the second story. Follow the route from the vending machine to an area behind the main room. This will lead to the second floor. There will be varkids along the path that can be either fought or avoided. Once at the fuse box, insert the fuse and shoot the switches to reveal a Hyperion turret below.

After listening to the memory, the turret will attack the character and must be destroyed. Once the turret is dealt with, enter the turret's room and look at the ceiling. There will be a ladder with a wooden pallet blocking the top. Shoot it and proceed up the ladder. Interact with the Hyperion satellite and listen to the final memory. Afterwards, return to Roland's Rest and interact with the water purifier.


Turn In: Vaughn


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  • This mission can be accepted either at the entrance to the storage room in Konrad's Hold or at the water purifier in Roland's Rest.
  • Much of Childhood's End deals with Angel's childhood with Handsome Jack as her father, as well as elaborating on certain things hinted at by both Jack and Angel in Borderlands 2.
  • Several of Angel's drawings can be found on the walls of the room, all of which depict Angel at some point in her life.
  • One of the aforementioned drawings depicts a portrait of Angel along with Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Roland with the words "New Friends" above them.
  • The dance the stuffed bear performs appears to be a reference to the YouTube video "Colin's Bear Animation".
  • The mission's title is a reference to the 1953 science fiction novel of the same name by Arthur C. Clarke.


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