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A Cheta Paw is a bandit version of the Monster. They are combat trucks with a driver station in the front and a gunner station for the turret on top.



The Cheta Paw is essentially the same vehicle as the Monster, although lacking the Monster's homing rocket turret. Fighting them on foot can be hard due to the fact they can cause instantaneous death to pedestrians by running them over, although they can be attacked relatively safely from inaccessible vantage points to avoid the risk of being run over; the un-guided rockets they fire are fairly easy to dodge or take cover from. A strong Corrosive or Explosive weapon, such as the Maliwan Defiler or the Torgue Cobra can destroy a Cheta Paw in one or two shots.

When fighting Cheta Paws in a vehicle, try to take the fight to a safe area, clear of Drifters.


  • If a cheta paw is flipped its bandit crew will exit vehicle.
  • Bandits will attempt to right vehicle and remount.
  • Cheta Paws cannot be entered. An empty Cheta Paw is not hostile, although it still can be destroyed.
  • If a player-controlled vehicle is abandoned in DLC3, there is a chance that any nearby human enemy may commandeer it, and it then become a hostile Cheta Paw.


  • Dirk Smallwood, from the mission Here We Go Again, wants a new Cheta Paw. However, the captioning spells it "Cheetah Paw".
  • While the UPK file in the original release of Borderlands lists this vehicle as a "Cheta Paw" and it goes by that name in the game itself, game files in the third DLC actually handle it as a "Chetah Paw".
  • The Cheta Paw was first seen in a slightly different version driven by Mad Mel in Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse.

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