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Chaz is an optional boss in Lockdown Palace.


Chaz is the presumed love interest of David (Mr. Shank). After Mr. Shank is killed and Athena escapes, Chaz will ambush Vault Hunters on their way out of the prison.



Chaz can be a dangerous opponent, as he has Badass-level durability and wields the Bone Shredder, which is capable of churning out hundreds of bullets in only a few seconds. He also wears a shield, which will need to fall before incendiary attacks become effective.

The tactics for fighting Chaz include aiming for his head, using incendiary and corrosive damage to whittle down his health, and using cover where possible.


  • Chaz drops the Bone Shredder.
  • Prisoners will spawn to assist him indefinitely until he is killed.
  • Chaz is an optional boss fight, as restarting the game will return characters to T-Bone Junction to meet Athena, without having to run back through the prison.
  • Chaz is noticeably larger than regular Bandits, being about the same size as a Bruiser despite having a regular Bandit body type.


  • Mr. Shank tries to hide his relationship with Chaz. During one of the Engorge commercials, he refers to Chaz as "Chazmina", in an obvious attempt to hide the fact that he having a relationship with a man. He also starts to say "his" before correcting himself and saying "her name", as well as "I'm not into him!" despite all evidence to the contrary.
  • Mr. Shank is sometimes referred to as David. "Chas and Dave" are a cockney pub rock group famous in Britain.