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Challenge Accepted is an achievement requiring the level 1 completion of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character. While the achievement says "level" it's referring to all location-based challenges.

List of Non-level-specific Challenges[]

Challenges with  parentheticals have prerequisites for said challenge to be unlocked. However, any completion of the challenge before it is unlocked will be counted, only not visible to the player.


  • Little Person, Big Pain: Kill 10 Midgets
  • Load and Lock: Kill 20 Loaders
  • Bully the Bullies: Kill 25 Bullymongs
  • Cruising for a Bruising: Kill 10 Bruisers
  • Marauder? I Hardly Know 'Er: Kill 20 Marauders
  • You Dirty Rat: Kill 10 Rats
  • Mama's Boys: Kill 50 Psychos
  • You (No)Mad, Bro?: Kill 10 Nomads
  • Short-Chained: Shoot a chain to release midgets from shield
  • Hurly Burly: Shoot 10 bullymong-tossed projectiles out of midair 
  • Just a Moment of Your Time...: Kill 10 surveyors
  • WHY SO MUCH HURT?!: Kill 10 goliaths
  • Paigineering: Kill 10 Hyperion personnel
  • Constructor Destructor: Kill 5 constructors
  • Another Bug Hunt: Kill 10 varkids (Unlocked with Tundra Express)*
  • Tentacle Obsession: Kill 10 threshers (Unlocked with Highlands - Outwash)*
  • Pest Control: Kill 10 spiderants (Unlocked with Frostburn Canyon)* 
  • Crystals Are a Girl's Best Friend: Kill 10 crystalisks (Unlocked with The Fridge)*
  • Pod Pew Pew: Kill 10 Varkid pods before they hatch (Unlocked with Tundra Express)*
  • Die in the Friendly Skies: Kill 10 buzzards (Unlocked with The Dust)*
  • You're One Ugly Mother...: Kill 10 stalkers (Unlocked with The Highlands - Outwash)
  • Skags to Riches: Kill 10 skags (Unlocked with Three Horns - Divide)*


  • Slag-Licked: Deal 5000 bonus damage to Slagged enemies 
  • Boom.: Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage
  • Cowering Inferno: Ignite 25 enemies
  • Say 'Watt' Again: Deal 5000 electrocute damage
  • Corroderate: Deal 2500 corrosion damage
  • I Just Want to Set the World on Fire: Deal 5000 burn damage
  • Acid Trip: Kill 20 enemies with corrode damage


  • Open Pandora's Boxes: Open 50 lootable chests, lockers, and other objects
  • The Call of Booty: Open 5 treasure chests
  • Nothing Rymes with Orange: Loot or purchase 1 orange item
  • Purple Reign: Loot or purchase 2 purple items
  • I Like My Treasure Rare: Loot or purchase 5 blue items
  • It's Not Easy Looting Green: Loot or purchase 20 green items
  • Another Man's Treasure: Loot or purchase 50 white items
  • Gun Runner: Pick up or purchase 10 weapons

Money & Trading[]

  • Psst, Hey Buddy...: Trade with 1 other player
  • Whaddaya Buyin'?: Purchase 2 items with Eridium
  • Limited-Time Offer: Buy 1 "Item of the Day"
  • Wholesale: Sell 10 items to vending machines
  • For the Hoard!: Save $10,000
  • Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all: Pickup $5,000 from cash drops


  • Passive Aggressive: Kill 1 enemy while riding as a passenger 
  • Turret Syndrome: Kill 10 enemies with a turret or vehicle mounted weapon
  • Blue Sparks: Kill 5 enemies while power sliding
  • Hit-and-Fun: Kill 5 enemies by ramming them with a vehicle
  • ...One Van Leaves - Kill 5 vehicles while in a vehicle 

Health & Recovery[]

  • I'll Just Help Myself: Get 5 "Second Winds" by killing an enemy
  • This Is No Time for Lazy!: Revive a co-op partner 5 times
  • Badass Bingo: Get 1 "Second Wind" by killing a badass enemy
  • Heal Plz: Heal 1000 points worth of damage 
  • Death, Wind, and Fire: Get 1 "Second Wind" by killing an enemy with burn damage over time(Unlocked after Cowering Inferno level 1)*
  • Green Meanie: Get 1 "Second Wind" by killing an enemy with corrosive damage over time(Unlocked after completing Acid Trip level 1)*
  • I'm Back! Shocked?: Get 1 "Second Wind" by killing an enemy by electrocution damage over time(Unlocked after Say "Watt" Again level 1)* 


  • Woah, Black Betty: Kill 10 enemies with Bouncing Betty grenades 
  • Health Vampire: Kill 10 enemies with Transfusion grenades 
  • Pull the Pin: Kill 10 enemies with grenades
  • Chemical Sprayer: Kill 10 enemies with "Area of Effect" grenades 
  • EXPLOOOOOSIONS!: Kill 10 enemies with Mirv grenades 
  • Singled Out: Kill 10 enemies with Singularity grenades 


  • Ammo Eater: Absorb 20 ammo with an Absorption shield
  • Roid Rage: Kill 5 enemies while buffed by a "Maylay" shield
  • Game of Thorns: Kill 5 enemies with reflected damage from a Spike shield
  • Amp It Up: Kill 5 enemies while buffed by an Amplify shield
  • Super Novas: Kill 5 enemies with a Nova burst shield 

Rocket Launcher[]

  • Rocket and Roll: Kill 10 enemies with rocket launchers
  • Gone with the Second Wind: Get 2 "Second Winds" with rocket launchers
  • Sky Rockets in Flight...: Kill 25 enemies from long range with rocket launchers (Unlocked after Gone With The Second Wind Level 1)*
  • Shield Basher: Kill 5 shielded enemies with 1 rocket each (Unlocked after Splish Splash level 1)
  • Splish Splash - Kill 200 enemies with rocket launcher splash damage (Unlocked after Rocket And Roll level 1)*
  • Catch-a-Rocket: Kill 5 enemies with direct rocket hits (Unlocked after splish Splash level 5)*

Sniper Rifle[]

  • Longshot: Kill 20 enemies with sniper rifles
  • Longshot Headshot: Get 25 critical hits with sniper rifles
  • Leaf on the Second Wind: Get 2 "Second Winds" using sniper rifles
  • Eviscerated: Kill 5 shielded enemies with 1 sniper rifle shot (Unlocked after Longshot level 1)*
  • No Scope, No Problem: Kill 5 enemies without using zoom (Unlocked after Longshot level 1)*
  • Snipe Hunting - Kill 10 enemies with critical hits using sniper rifles Unlocked after Longshot Headshot level 1?)*
  • Surprise! - Kill 5 unaware enemies with sniper rifles (Unlocked after No Scope, No Problem level 1)*

Assault Rifle[]

  • Aggravated Assault: Kill 25 enemies with assault rifles
  • From My Cold, Dead Hands: Get 5 "Second Winds" using assault rifles
  • This is My Rifle...: Get 25 critical hits with assault rifles
  • ...This is My Gun: Kill 10 enemies with critical hits using assault rifles (Unlocked after This Is My Rifle... level 1)*
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle: Kill 25 enemies with assault rifles while crouched(Unlocked after Aggravated Assault level 1)*


  • Hail of Bullets: Kill 25 enemies with SMGs
  • Constructive Criticism: Get 25 critical hits with SMGs
  • High Rate of Ire: Kill 10 enemies with critical hits using SMGs
  • More Like Submachine FUN: Get 2 "Second Winds" with SMGs (Unlocked after Constructive Criticism level 1)*


  • Faceful of Buckshot: Get 50 critical hits with shotguns
  • Shotgun!: Kill 25 enemies with shotguns
  • Lock, Stock, and ...: Get 2 "Second Winds" with shotguns
  • Shotgun Surgeon: Kill 10 enemies with critical hits using shotguns
  • Open Wide!: Kill 750 enemies from point-blank range with shotguns
  • Shotgun Sniper: Kill 10 enemies from long range with shotguns (Unlocked after Open Wide! level 5)*


  • Hard Boiled: Get 2 "Second Winds" with pistols
  • The Killer: Kill 25 enemies with pistols
  • Deadeye: Get 25 critical hits with pistols
  • Quickdraw: Kill 10 enemies shortly after entering ironsights (Unlocked after The Killer level 1)*
  • Pistolero: Kill 10 enemies with critical hits using pistols (Unlocked after Deadeye level 1)*


  • Fisticuffs!: Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks
  • A Squall of Violence: Kill 20 enemies with bladed guns (Unlocked after Fisticuffs! level 1)*

General Combat[]

  • Knee-Deep in Brass: Fire 1000 rounds
  • Afternoon Delight: Kill 50 enemies during the day
  • ...To Pay the Bills: Kill 20 enemies while using your action skills 
  • Critical Acclaim: Kill 20 enemies with critical hits
  • ...I got to Boogie: Kill 10 enemies at night
  • Boomerbang: Kill 5 enemies with Tediore reloads 
  • Gun Slinger: Deal 5,000 damage with Tediore reloads 
  • Not Full of Monkeys: Kill 10 enemies with stationary barrels 


  • JEEEEENKINSSSSSS!!!: Kill Jimmy Jenkins once
  • Sidejacked: Complete 5 side missions
  • Compl33tionist: Complete 10 optional mission objectives 
  • Haters Gonna Hate: Win 1 duel
  • Yo Dawg I Herd You Like Challenges: Complete 5 challenges