The Chère-amie is a unique aftermarket sniper rifle manufactured by Maliwan. Chère-amie is obtained from the mission Hyperion Slaughter located in Ore Chasm.

Special Weapon Effects

Je suis enchante, Ou est le bibliotheque – Transfusion effect. Also heals player when an enemy is suffering from its elemental effect.

Usage & Description

Chère-amie restores 2.5% of damage inflicted and elemental damage-over-time as health. Damage inflicted returns health as Transfusion streams, while damage-over-time returns directly to the wielder similar to other Moxxi-branded weapons. Also like other Moxxi weapons, it is always elemental.

A Siren wissing to exploit the instant healing effect can equip a Corrosive Chère-amie, a Splatter Witch Class Mod, and a Bone of the Ancients Relic to achieve (up to) a 91% chance to corrode (in addition to increased Corrosion effect damage from the Class Mod).  While this effect chance is not the absolute highest chance attainable on a sniper rifle, it is nevertheless useful when combinded with the instant passive healing the gun provides, and is thus a reliable way to quickly recover health for a Siren.  Since a Splatter Witch Siren build is probably not geared for healing, this might prove useful.


  • Red text translation: "I am delighted, Where is the library?" This is likely a reference to "Foux Da Fa Fa" by Flight of the Conchords.[citation needed] It is (intentionally) grammatically incorrect French. Grammatically correct French would be "Je suis enchantée. Où est la bibliothèque?". If you play the game in French, the sentence is grammatically correct.
  • Although it bears Moxxi's paint job, it never contains the "Miss Moxxi's" prefix.
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