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For the enemy type in Borderlands 3, see Caustic Goliath (Borderlands 3).

Caustic Goliath is enemy encountered in Borderlands 2.



Caustic Goliaths dual-wield two blunt tools and deal corrosive damage. They have higher health than a standard Goliath and resist corrosive attacks, but this is offset by their limited range and movement speed, which make them vulnerable at range. Though they are resilient, they still do not pose much of threat unless enraged. Upon becoming enraged, Caustic Goliaths will cast aside their weapons and vomit a corrosive substance at their enemies. The corrosive spray deals significant, constant damage, especially to unshielded enemies, but leaves the goliath open to attack at the same time. They level up much slower than normal Goliaths and as such will very rarely live to become Super Badass or higher.

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