Cauldron is a Catch-A-Ride and Fast Travel outpost found in the Rust Commons East. Located on the eastern side of the South Drawbridge, it has medical and ammunition Vending Machines. The Cauldron serves as a useful Fast Travel point after the drawbridges are lowered and is in close proximity to the connection for Trash Coast. Areas around the Cauldron are infested with Spiderants.

Nearby Missions

Points of Interest

  • A red chest is hidden on the bluffs to the south-southeast of the outpost. The track up the cliff to the chest starts from a spiderant spawn point just south of the outpost. The end of this track is most easily navigated in a Runner, which can be used to speed past the spiderants.
  • Another red chest sits in the camp just north of Helob's spawn point. After nearby Jaynistown becomes Taylortown, this chest may disappear. The chest will reappear once the Gatling turrets in Taylortown spawn, so drive by the entrance to Taylortown before looking for the chest.

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