Cathartic Oz Kit is a unique oz kit in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by scavs. It is a guaranteed drop from Poop Deck when he dies during the mission Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion.

Special Effects

You smelt it, you dealt it. – Always corrosive. High slam damage, decreases damage received from various sources. Slam shatters enemy air masks. Causes a random farting sound and a brief corrosive area of effect upon performing a slam.


  • The Cathartic Oz Kit leaves a brief corrosive area of effect that may corrode enemies.
  • As Poop Deck does not respawn after completion of Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion, the Cathartic Oz Kit is only obtainable once per playthrough (quitting right after the kill will allow more than one).
  • The Cathartic Oz Kit benefits from synergy with various character skills.
    • Athena's Epicenter can keep enemies in the area of effect, and with Maelstrom she can increase the damage.
    • Claptrap can use the Cathartic Oz Kit in conjunction with Maniacal Laughter to generate many stacks simultaneously and with Element of Surprise may also have a corrosive subroutine active to boost the damage.
    • Wilhelm can create large fields of corrosion by extending the range of his slam with high levels of Meteor Slam, boost the damage and corrode chance with Venom Bolts, and have a chance of freezing enemies with Cold War.
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