Catch a Ride is a challenge where Vault Hunters must ride the elevator car from the bottom of the Veins of Helios to the top.


Option 1: Looking down off the Communication Platform, there are 4 sets of tracks. Goal is to jump down to a rail of the lower-left track, run to the northern end, drop down onto the top of the car and wait for it to ascend all the way to the opposite end. While taking the ride, it is necessary to crouch in order to avoid clipping on the tracks above.

Option 2: After leaving the first airlock and making a U-turn past some storage boxes, looking over the edge tracks and some moving cars can be seen below. Jumping down to the nearest track then jumping down onto the lowest track and walking up to the wall is all it takes. There is no need to actually drop down onto the top of the car.

High-capacity Oz Kit is required for both scenarios, and more so for the first one, as no Air Dome Generators can be found nearby. The only way out is to reach the green jump pad located on the lowest level in the central-northern part of the map.


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